Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Biztalk applications sharing a resource.

When using Biztalk 2010 and adding two or more applications at a time that use the same .dll, some care should be taken. The thing I have learned more than once is that when a .dll is added as a resource to one application, that application adds it to the GAC(you are given the option of specifying when this happens under 'add resource', but it does happen at least by the time the application is started). When the .dll is in the GAC there will be no need(nor will there be the option) to add this .dll resource to the other applications. So it seems to me you must choose which application adds it and the rest will just have to make do, assuming its there. I believe adding a reference from the application that doesn't have the .dll in its resources to the application that owns this .dll is probably the way you should actually do this. It can feel like overkill but actually this makes a good bit of sense to me the more I think about it. 

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