Thursday, April 26, 2012

Change password in windows 7 Biztalk, SSO, etc.

If you change your windows password and use this account for SQL/Biz/Enterprise SSO then you'll need to change it in a few places. I learned this when I tried to delete an application in Biztalk and got this error; 

"could not contact the sso server biztalk" and "Check that SSO is configured and that SSO Service is running on that server".

Changing your password in Enterprise SSO involved opening Enterprise SSO Admin Config under All Programs and adding my local box as the Server, and then changing the password. I don't remember where exactly you change your password but i just clicked around some. Real scientific like. You should Enable / Disable the Enterprise SSODB in this snap in as well.

To change your password in Biztalk just double click on the in process host in Biztalk and click configure. 

I recommend restarting things at this point, and if you still don't solve whatever SSO/Biz problem you're having then restart your box.

Another thing that is helpful to try if your password hasn't been changed recently is to get a dos prompt with admin privs and CD to "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Enterprise Single Sign-On"  then 
Type: ssomanage -server [SSO Server Name Here]

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