Monday, December 19, 2011

Kim Jong un vs Mega man

Kim Jong un is apparently the new face of North Korea. The new plump dough boy face of North Korea. with Twinkies. I guess I think I'm glad that at least he is replacing some of the old military officers. Anyone who lived through the war should be gone here pretty soon. Perhaps his older brothers will take an interest in something here in a few years. Should be fun.

My experience with the North Korean defectors that I met in DC and the books I read, both about them and about Jenkins, don't really seem to inform my opinions on the new DPRK leader. As usual the kcna site is nearly irrelevant except that lately It looks like other high ranking folks in the dprk have been sending out foreign communications thanking other leaders, etc. I didn't notice any stories posted after the 17th(the day we think Kim Jong Il actually died). Did I mention the kcna site is pretty up to date most of the time?

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